Seven Women For Satan (1976) English Version

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Seven Women For Satan
Original Title : Les Week Ends Maléfiques Du Comte Zaroff
Other title Of Exploitation : Sept Femmes Pour Un Sadique
Origine : France
Release Date : 1976
Runtime : 01:25:24
Genre : Horror, Erotic

Director : Michel Lemoine

Starring: Michel Lemoine, Howard Vernon, Nathalie Zeiger, Joëlle Coeur, Martine Azencot, Patricia Mionnet, Maria

Boris Zaroff is a modern businessman who is haunted by his past, his father was the notorious Count Zaroff of The Most Dangerous Game fame. Consequently, Boris is subject to hallucinations and all-too-real social lapses which normally involve sadistic harm to beautiful naked young women. His butler is sworn to indoctrinating him into the evils of the family line, and their castle's torture dungeon proves quite useful in this regard. However, Boris is periodically lured away from his destiny by the romantic apparition of the deceased countess who previously owned the castle

The film was immediately banned and censored at the time by the censorship committee. The explanatory text to justify its ban was as follows: "This film presents, under cover of a call to the strange and surreal, a full panoply of moments of sadism, cruelty, eroticism and even necrophilia which are not tempered neither by the slightest poetry, nor by humor. It can only be seen by adults. " Classified X at its release but finding its audience abroad, the film knew a second life through video in the 1980s and under a new title, Seven women for a sadist. (Wikipedia source)

Film disponible en français ici:

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